Net66 Video Blog: Guest Blog Network Gets Penalised by Google, Why?


Guest blog posts are a popularly used link building medium. Guest Blog posts have been an important channel for off site optimisation because they signify personal endorsement for brands or products. Blogs are websites of a rather personal nature, and can give a candid view of what a certain entity or subject matter is about.

Remember, search engines are all about putting machines in your shoes. Search engines try their best to emulate human behaviour, and to understand what human beings like or dislike.

Link building doesn’t really get any more genuine than an actual person writing about what they care about. Therefore, guest blog posts have been traditionally trusted by search engines.

However, we have recently received the news that a popularly used guest blogging network was penalised by Google.

Why did this happen? A blog network can be penalised because it was not been as stringent in weeding out low quality blogs. Such low quality blogs can place links in spammy, spun, or generally dubious content. Links embedding in such content can incur a penalty for your site.

You would be well advised from staying away from any such blog that has content that doesn’t read naturally. If you use a network, it is your own prerogative to screen the sites that are part of it. Just be careful who you are working with to review your product or service.

At Net66, we take link building and content partnership seriously. That is why we only work with trusted bloggers that write product reviews, endorsements and other information about your business, your products and services to make sure that they present a genuine picture of your offerings.

Blog Post by:
Greg McVey