The New Google Maps is almost here

Google has announced that a newer version of Google Maps is in the works, and is actually due to be launched in the coming few weeks.

In a new announcement Brian McClendan Google’s VP of Maps states that the new version of the very popular mapping product will bring the following new features:

Geographical Search Overlays: searching for a service in a certain area will bring up local businesses, and clicking on a local map result will expand the result into more detail, such as related businesses or competitors in the area.

Efficient route calculation: the new Google maps will be able to tell you the most efficient route from point A to point B, taking into account such factors as traffic, distance and mode of transport (such as car, bike or bus). Multiple routes would be compared, detailing time and distance.

Send map to car: You can actually select your make of car, and send the map to its navigational system.

3D drive through: You can also get an animated drive through of your journey, similar to a satnav simulation.

Find out more on Google’s blog.