Shop Fitters go online in the Northwest

Online sales are forming a bigger and bigger chunk of small and medium sized businesses’ revenue every year. Today, brick and mortar shops belonging to a bewildering array of industries are going online in a bid to secure their marketing future. Even such traditional industries as builders, joiners, and even shop fitters are taking to the online arena.

Manchester is no stranger to quality building services providers. Clarke Gough, one of the most established shop fitters in Manchester have recently boosted their web presence with enhancements to their website and a foray into social media. Clarke Gough were in the news due to their refurbishment fitting the iconic Sankeys club just before its re-opening in December 2013. Sankeys was once voted to be the most popular club in the world, and the fact it chose Clarke Gough for their interiors speaks volumes about the latter’s shop fitting credentials.

Recently, Clarke Gough teamed up with the charity Mustard Tree and Manchester Arndale to build the Empty Shop, a charity concept where a shop entirely devoid of contents would be filled up by donations of clothes and used belongings. As a leading interiors provider, Clarke Gough deems it important to give back to society and the city of Manchester.