The Practice of Choice

SEO Choices

Oh Dear Oh Dear I cannot make up my mind !
How many times do we all here that,and how many times do we all say that, and think that

Surely this conundrum has been around forever, and in this modern world we live in there is more and more choice about more and more things.

Linux vs Windows, Google vs Bing(no competition) , Libre Office(Open Office) vs MSWord, Apple vs PC, Organic SEO vs Pay per Click (PPC)

Was there ever a time when life was less complicated and we go about our business without a care, probably not.

For small businesses some of these choices are vital.
There is a compelling case for small businesses to use Linux, so as to save a small fortune sending license fees to Microsoft. Then again, unless you are a Linux fan, and have a tame Linux boffin you may be best sticking with Windows, as the world is full of Windows “experts”
The international space station now uses Linux and has moved away from Windows, so if it is good enough for them, it is more than good enough for the office

Libre Office , in my opinion is a good choice, I have used it for years and it has been a stalwart. And to back me up no less than the Australian Government has now standardised on the open source formats that Libre Office use

Now I need to declare an interest before I go on, as I am about to favour Organic whitehat SEO over PPC.

But now we are back to choice, it is more than possible to obtain best value long term results from organic SEO
But to do this you need to choose an SEO practitioner with care.
There are many to choose from, some good, some bad and some brilliant.

My advice is to talk to your SEO regular, and ask their advice. If you get the same old lines of sales talk, think again.

The practice of SEO is wide and varied, and there are no quick fixes, so if your SEO professional suggests new and varied strategies, this is because they are keeping up with the ever vigilant and innovative technicians at Google HQ

The relationship between an SEO company and the Webmaster should be a collaborative partnership, so to coin an old phrase “It is good to talk”

Neil McVey