Is it Worth Taking Risks With SEO?

In my honest opinion I would say yes. Risks, whilst they can go wrong, also have the added benefit of working out better than you could ever have hoped. There’s a difference between taking risks and making informed decisions.

For example, an informed decision is going to Tesco and picking up a Value¬†lasagne. You know that there’s a chance of horse meat being in there, but because you’re aware of it that’s an informed decision.

A risk would be to go up to a burger van and order a burger. There’s a chance that there is horse meat in there, but there is no way of knowing and a high chance that your risk will pay off. A la the burger will be delicious.

Now, to make it more SEO Specific here are some risks that are worth taking:

> Hiring an inexperienced SEO writer: There’s a difference between ability and skill. You could spend money hiring a skilled SEO writer who can churn out all the posts you require, but it will cost as they have built up their skills and commend a great CV. However hiring someone inexperienced with SEO writing, but a person who has the ability to write great content is well worth the risk. You can offer support, guidance and training to this new person with the natural ability and they can learn the skills that will turn them into a great SEO writer based on their natural ability.

> Re-Designing your website: But the pages wont match up and it’ll confuse the search engine spiders and everything will change and it’s bad for SEO. But on the plus side, user engagement could shoot through the roof. A brand new site that looks the bees knees with a brilliant UI and UX (User Interface/Experience) is going to reduce bounce rate so much and improve the conversion rate of your site. And surely that outweighs the possibility of a few weeks with poor rankings that are more than likely to return anyway.

Bearing in mind this is my personal opinion if you take these risks and they don’t pay off then you should be they were a risk and not bulletproof.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey writing for Net66