New businesses need SEO

All new businesses need SEO in order to increase their potential new client base and increase their marketing, especially if they are starting small.  Small businesses can find it difficult to attract people to their site to view their products and services.  This is why it is important to get SEO traffic from search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.  SEO helps a site bring in traffic from specific keyword terms and phrases that are related to their products.  This also means a business has a greater chance of converting this traffic into sales.  In order to do this, website design is equally important.  Once SEO takes the potential customer to the site, the site then has to speak for itself.

Companies that do website design and SEO together are often a good idea for a new business.  Net66, based in Manchester, provides both website design and SEO services, and advise adding content, building links and then start incorporating social media.  For social media advertising it is also good to use experts such as The Social Media People.

High rankings on search engines do not happen overnight.  They take time and work so if anyone ever calls you up guaranteeing they can do it within the week, hang up!  It is worth the effort though because getting to the first page of a search engine gives a new business the exposure it needs and craves.  SEO is an absolute necessity in order for any new business, because there’s no point in having a web presence if no one is going to get to see it.

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