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We Could Be Superheroes (…for One Day)

Superheroes set to descend on Manchester city centre on the 05 May

Lego superheroes image by Rizvisual (via Shutterstock).

Holy Greggs Pasty, Superman! One of these men in yellow coats gripped me for not having a ticket on the tram. Image by Rizvisual (via Shutterstock).

Imagine it’s a typical Friday morning in central Manchester. It is twenty past eight. You get off your train, tram or bus, or walk from the car park. You go to your favourite coffee shop for a pre-work caffeine hit. Then you freak out and find Captain America’s doing a sudoku in Costa Coffee. Superman’s stuck in the queue at Greggs. Spiderman we find was gripped at Abraham Moss for not having a tram ticket. Then you realise (thanks to the strains of Gemma, Matt, and Mike) it was Superhero Day. Yes, Princess Street being full of superheroes.

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A Look at the Manchester Irish Festival

Net Sixty Six SEO’s look at this year’s Irish Festival in central Manchester and surrounding area

Manchester Irish Festival 2017, market stalls, Albert Square (towards Net Sixty Six SEO HQ).

Manchester Irish Festival 2017: market stalls on Albert Square, facing Brazenose Street.

In Manchester city centre, the first three weeks of March are dominated by the city’s Irish Festival. From the 03 – 19 March, countless events take place in and around central Manchester. The high point of which is the parade in the centre of ‘town’ which takes place on the 12 March (Sunday) at noon.

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Metrolink’s Second City Crossing Arrives

Net Sixty Six welcomes its new neighbours on the Second City Crossing

Metrolink Second City Crossing image by M.V. Photography (via Shutterstock).

Happy New Trams: the Second City Crossing will boost journey options and reduce congestion on the city zone routes. Image by M.V. Photography (via Shutterstock).

Today, Metrolink’s Second City Crossing begins operation and we at Net Sixty Six are happy to welcome our new neighbours. For us and our visitors, the second line from Victoria to St. Peter’s Square will offer another way of getting to Net Sixty Six HQ.

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Christmas Lights Set for X-Citing Switch On

2015 X Factor winner Louisa Johnson has honour of switching on Manchester’s Christmas lights

Zippy Santa Christmas lights image.

Some of us old timers might remember the inflatable Santa astride the town hall clock tower, but the Zippy version of Father Christmas is a modern-day icon of Manchester’s Christmas lights. Image by TasfotoNL (via Shutterstock).

With Net Sixty Six SEO having Albert Square as a near neighbour, the joy of Christmas is only weeks away. As a curtain raiser to the highly-acclaimed Christmas Markets, is the city’s Christmas Lights switch-on. Read more »

Manchester Welcomes Oktoberfest

Meanwhile, the team at Net Sixty Six SEO Towers yearn to wear lederhosen and carry beer steins in Albert Square

Oktoberfest food and drink image by Timolina.

Traditional German food and drink: thanks to Manchester’s Oktoberfest, traditional Bavarian delights are a short bus, train, or tram ride away to Albert Square. Image by Timolina (via Shutterstock).

Only days after the Heroes Parade, Net Sixty Six are once at the heart of all the action in Manchester. Since Wednesday, some of our team have fancied donning the lederhosen, schunkeln, and imbibing some of Munich’s finest exports. Yes, after the triumphant success of the Heroes Parade which took part in Manchester City Centre earlier this week, another event is coming to our home city.

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