Stay Safe Everyone In Manchester Today

It’s another Friday afternoon where people in Manchester should be enjoying their lunchtime, either taking their lunch in the office and relaxing or going about their shopping in this wonderful city centre. However, instead of thinking about the weekend ahead, this is no ordinary Friday afternoon.

Once again, this great city is seemingly under attack with the city under major lockdown and the streets filled with blue sirens, police cars, ambulance vehicles and heavily armed forces. The citizens of Manchester will sadly be all-too-familiar with these type of scenes with the unspeakable acts of terrorism fresh in the minds from the tragic events which occurred not so long ago, at the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena attack, on Monday 22nd May 2017, when Manchester was last under attack.

Whilst, at the time of writing, it is still very early into these horrific events to determine the cause, how many people are injured or who is involved, the people of Manchester need to stay vigilant and try to remain calm. Working at the heart of the city centre at SEO Manchester Ltd, we are urging the people of Manchester to stay safe and report anything suspicious. Our thoughts are with the people who are injured and also to the emergency services who are working hard to keep this great city safe from such horrendous incidents like we’re unfortunately witnessing today.

manchester-incident-min-1024x472Stay safe Manchester!