Google Adds New Pay by Viewable Impression in Adwords

Google Adwords has long been known as PPC marketing. This means that your adverts can be displayed hundreds of times on Google, but, you only pay for your advert if somebody clicks on it.

A great idea. But now, that doesn’t seem to be working as well for Google. A lot of people have been talking about how Google’s revenues are down, and many people have speculated that a decrease in Adwords revenues is causing it.

Recently we’ve seen Google stop giving out search data to users of their analytics software, noting that you can still access the data on the Adwords interface. Many people said that this would push people over onto using Adwords just get this data.

But now, in a big refresh for Adwords, they allow you to purchase adverts that when you pay by viewable impression. Note here they say viewable impression. Ensuring that the end user will see your advert on screen before you’re charged.

Otherwise end users could load up a page where your advert is displayed at the bottom of the page. The user won’t see this advert unless they scroll far enough and if they don’t, even though the user hasn’t viewed your advert, you could still get charged as the loading of the advert could count as a “view”.

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Blog Post by: Greg McVey