Google Continues Front Page Development by Removing Video Thumbnails

We’re all familiar with Google’s search results. I’m sure you hear the phrase “Dunno, Google It” at least once every day. “YouTube it” isn’t far behind but it still applicable. I’ve mentioned this as YouTube videos are very popular and when you search for, say tutorials, videos that are contained on web pages and that have the correct structured data will show up as a thumbnail image next to the listing on Google.

It seems that Google aren’t happy with this layout at the moment and are looking at improving this for users. As in keeping with the latest design trends. Minimalism is playing a part in Google’s mind and the new video results no longer feature the thumbnail of the video.

Instead they feature a small, favicon sized, grey button with the play symbol on there and the time next to it. Take a look at the proposed new design below:



What do you think of the new design?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey