Google Penalises more Link Networks – Tokyo Style

It wasn’t Godzilla who this time wreaked havoc in Japan, in fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a more polar opposite. On one hand you have a nuclear powered gargantuan lizard that breathes fire, has laser eyes and once swam to New York (despite coming from Japan, that’s FAR!).

On the other hand you have the vaguely teddy-bear shaped Matt Cutts, who spends his time learning the ukulele, going off gluten and making the web a better place.

To make the web a better place and more importantly, to make sure that Google’s search results don’t include any spam or feigned results, Matt Cutts’ Japanese web spam team have taken action on 7 Link Networks from Japan. See the congratulatory tweet from Matt below:


It seems like Google has been penalising Link Networks for months now. And when you look at the numbers, they’re churning out the results quite nicely. One of my previous posts has discussed this and listed the victims.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey