Google’s new car and travel insurance tool!

You may or may not have noticed the new tool Google have released a car and travel insurance quote search. Yes you heard it, now I and many other people were surprised with this move by Google as it could have an effect on the current leading price comparison sites. After having a play around with this tool (not going to tell you the price of my quote by the way!) I have to admit it is very simple to use and less time consuming than other price comparison sites.

Well it makes sense really doesn’t it; Google has all the information stored which will therefore bring a more accurate result to the user whilst also making it as easy as possible at the same time. When I am looking for a quote the most time consuming process is finding out when the car was made and how much it is valued at, Google already knows this information and gives it you automatically! You only really have to put in your required cover, personal details and any car modifications and Google does the rest of the work for you.

Why Google Car Insurance quotes are more reliable than any other prices comparison sites;

Any price comparison site, Google already knows the ins and outs of. They can give the user a better choice of insurance companies as every insurance company website on the Internet will have been crawled by Google’s algorithm and therefore indexed and stored. So what better results can we really ask for?

As for the travel insurance search, if you type in “Travel Insurance” it doesn’t appear? Well this obviously tells us that the car insurance tool is more profitable to users. Would you agree?

Where does this leave price comparison websites?

I personally think that this new move by Google will have much of an effect on websites such as or It may cause some fluctuations in users but all in all I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The big question is, what are Google planning on doing with this? Is it to bring high quality results to users, which is what Google stress they are all about, or is it just to make a little bit of extra money (not that they need it)?

Answers on a postcard.