Say What You Like About Google – Says Matt Cutts

There have been a few rumours that Google have been penalising websites just for being critical to Google’s tactics and procedures. It’d be such a shame if Google was to take the approach of banning these websites for dishing out bad press, so much for Free Speech!

However, the man from Google (Matt Cutts) says that this isnt the case at all, never has been and never will be. This is exactly the way it should be too, you cant be a giant such as Google and not be able to take criticism from time to time, and at times they do deserve it. I’m sure there is a long line of businesses who have been hit and lost revenue due to Google’s seemingly strange and sudden changes to their algorithm.

Then of course you have the fact that whatever Joe Bloggs happens to do online, you can bet Google wont be far behind, watching what you do, then adapting a similar approach themselves to cash in. Sometimes you just think, really Mr Google?? Do you have to stick your finger in all these other pies too? But I guess that’s the nature of large companies, some call it good business sense, others call it plain greed.

Whatever your views on Google, one thing is for sure, like them or loathe them, they have helped to change the way in which we use the internet. For all the people who have been hit and lost money using  Google’s search engine, I’m sure there are hundreds who have profited and made money.

So by no means is Google perfect, on a weekly basis it can often baffle, bamboozle and frustrate even the likes of a professional SEO company like ours. However in the grand scheme of things it is good for the average internet user and most likely provides more benefit then anything else.

So there you go Mr Google! A bit of criticism there for you, I’m sure you’ll find that most people find it fair, but at least I added in the odd compliment for good measure too.

So if you are worried about getting the slap from Google, then rather than being worried about what you say about the big G’, you really do want to pay more attention to your page layout, architecture of site, duplicate content and what backlinks you are using. These are still looking like the main things a Webmaster needs to keep an eye on to be able to use the world’s biggest search engine successfully, Freedom of speech is still going strong people!!