SEO Rumour Mill – SAPE Network Penalised?

Now there has previously been news that Google are now penalising link networks and most recently SAPE Network. We have never heard of this type of link network due its black/grey hat reputation as we strictly use just white hat search engine optimisation Techniques. I have done my research on the SAPE Network and this is what I have found out;

What is the SAPE Network?

SAPE is a Russian website which offers thousands and thousands of webmasters high PR Links with any niche you require and low outbound links. Including directory submissions, Google +1s, social bookmarks, retweets basically everything to give your site a bigger presence on the web.

So this is basically selling high PR link packages which we all know is the biggest NO in Google’s guidelines so it was only a matter of time before they got found out. SAPE was probably the biggest black hat network that was being used as the way the network was set out; it promised customers instant results and sales at a relatively low cost. Whilst having the safety from search engine updates by using sites with different IPs, name servers and hosting companies making the links untraceable.

Now obviously it sounds too good to be true and it is as it would be a definite that your website would get heavily penalised for breaking the rules and would have a bad reputation with Google which is the last thing you want!

This doesn’t seem to be because of a latest algorithm update but it seems to me and many other webmasters, that Google are targeting specific link networks recently ( being another) and also Interflora for the use of advertorial links. Google are finally showing people that they are specifically targeting sites that are selling links and breaking their code of conduct.

If you have used this kind of service, Google will find you out and you will pay the price.