How to choose an SEO reliable and cost effective practitioner

How to choose an SEO reliable and cost effective practitioner

SEO is one of those things that all websites need, and that a lot of website owners do not fully understand the complexities of, and where there are an awful lot of company who are selling “SEO” and providing a poor and sometimes non existent service.

There are a many many companies doing an absolutely great service and are being tarnished by the bad practice ehics from the Black Hat SEO companies.

So if I run a website, and I am not an SEO Technician, how can tell the good stuff from the bad stuff ?

First of all remember that old phrase that all consumer programs and magazines keep repeating, “If it seems to good to be true, it is to good to be true”

A reputable SEO company will be honest and up front that it cannot guarantee that it can make Google do anything.
Google is a massive and hugely clever organisation, so no matter how insistent anyone may be, they cannot make a call to Google HQ and say “Put this website on page 1 for this phrase”

Good companies will ask more questions than give you the hard sell.
What is it you want to achieve, what are your products, what is your market, what is your budget, what is your area for expansion.
Unless an SEO company can get a handle on your business and ambitions for your website, it cannot tailor the service to the best results

Talk to your chosen company, you will get an idea of are they just trying to “Close an order” or are they genuinely trying to help you

Call me biased and prejudiced, but I would recommend Net66, we are an SEO company based in Manchester City Centre, and I here you thinking “He would say that wouldn’t he”

We want to understand how your business and your website work together
How your customers come to your website
What they are looking for and why they should buy your product or service rather than your competitors

then we can give you the Biggest Bang for your Buck
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Neil McVey