Net66 SEO: The Best Web Design Tips for SEO

Website Navigation

Navigation is one of the most important factors that needs to be considered when building a new website. Your menu bar opens the whole of your website up to your visitors so needs to be as clear, concise and easy to use as it can be. When Designing your menu bar you need to make sure that it is both search-engine and user friendly. This way the structure of your menu will help boost your rankings, and when visitors arrive on your website, your menu can make your user’s visit a pleasant experience. The user will be richer for the experience and be more likely to visit you again to purchase an item or service.


Your root domain and all subsequent pages are highly important to your website’s performance in the Search Engines as well as User experience. For example, which URL would you be more likely to click on: or ??

You’d click on the link you understand, of course you would. Page Id 188 holds no meaning for you so you may not wish to click it as it could be misleading.


Images do matter in SEO and humans need to be swayed by good looking images. Here are the main points in optimising images:

  • Alt Tag everything. Traditional spiders have eight eyes, Google’s spider has none. So you need to describe your images to Google otherwise it wont know what it’s looking at or even if it’s relevant to your site or keywords.
  • Optimise for speed. Everyone do loves quality these days but having a 300 dpi images thousands of pixels wide on your site is going to take a long time to load. Users get bored easily these days so a quicker load time = more engagement. Google know’s this and is likely to give you a boost if you have a quicker site.

Follow these tips and you should have a great website to work with from the off of your SEO Campaign.

Greg McVey