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Google Announce New Tool Which Tests Your Website Mobile Friendliness and Page Speed.

Gone are the days where you have to navigate to 2 different websites in order to find out how quick and how mobile friendly your website is. Google have recently launched a new tool where users can enter their website address and get the page speed and mobile friendliness score all on the same page. The report is simply a combination of the page speed insights and the mobile friendly testing tool;

net66 new page speed score

At first glance, Google seems to have given this tool a whole new fresh modernised look and it looks great on the eye. You can see from a user experience perspective Google has designed this tool to suit all audiences, similar to that of the rebrand of Webmaster Tools last May.

With this new tool, users are able to get a detailed report emailed directly to them and in this report includes fixes which Google recommend you should implement into your website which will improve your scores and most importantly the user experience on your website.

detailed mobile friendly score

The scoring system is similar to that of the old tool (basic traffic lighting system) but this time, they have included some facts on why certain fixes are a must;

  • People are five times more likely to leave a mobile site that isn’t mobile-friendly.
  • Nearly half of all visitors will leave a mobile site if the pages don’t load within 3 seconds.

Note that the old mobile friendly tool reported back with whether your website is mobile friendly or not whereas the new tool gives you a score on how mobile friendly your site is.

It goes without saying that in 2016 people expect to land on mobile responsive websites which are quick and easy to use. Google is constantly making changes in regards to mobile search such as the infamous Mobilegeddon algorithm update and now announcing this new tool.

From a business point of view, having a quick and mobile friendly website is a critical part of your SEO and Internet Marketing activities as it determines how well your website converts the traffic into sales and conversions.

If you are unsure of what a mobile friendly website looks like then be sure to see our website portfolio as every website we design and develop is compatible with mobile and tablet devices.

To summarise, this new tool developed by Google is a combination of the page speed insights and mobile friendly testing tool and redeveloped to make it easier for your average user to test their website.

Net66 says: ‘Prepare for Penguin’

Only 24 indexing days till Christmas – and 31 till 2016

King Penguin Chick at Salisbury Plain

Stand out from the crowd: we at Net66 have proven success with whatever algorithm Google sends our way, from the Florida Update up to Penguin.

Winter has come to Manchester courtesy of Storm Clodagh.  For December, it is usually colder in these parts, but the weather has been more autumnal.  This apart from 80 mph winds in nearby Rochdale and Denton and heavy rain throughout the UK.  At this moment, too warm for seeing penguins in Albert Square, yet Olaf and Elsa managed to appear in Stalybridge (but that was for a Christmas lights switch-on). Read more »

Net66 Would Like to Thank Our Client

Net66 like to be there for our clients and strive to go above and beyond what “traditional companies” would do. We never ask for anything in return other than a continued business relationship.

That’s why it’s always nice when we receive something back from our clients. The Space Collective have been working with Net66 for years now and enjoy a great relationship with ourselves. We’ve presided over the rebuild of two of their websites and successfully optimise both of them.

As a show of thanks for all we do, Richard very kindly sent us a box of goodies. Treats included astronaut food (I bagsied the cookie and cream ice cream sandwich), genuine pieces of the Moon and Mars and some lovely jewellery.

Check out the images of our team enjoying the goodies below:





We’d like to thank Richard for sending over these gifts and look forward to living a long and prosperous business partnership.

Thanks Richard

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

Net66: Google Releases Festive Search Bars

Google LOVES a doodle, and this year it looks like they’re not letting the chance to throw one out there get away. They’ve already released a feature rich Santa Tracker, and now they’ve updated their search bars for queries relating to Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah (Chanukkah).

These bars are triggered when either of the seasons festivals are included in a search string. Check them out below of search for yourself. [Christmas] [Hanukkah] [Kwanzaa]




What festival are you celebrating this year?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

New Google Easter Egg Responds to Hodor!

Hodor is a character from the ubiquitously popular book series A Song of Ice and Fire and TV series A Game Of Thrones. Hodor is a character who, much like a Pokemon, can only say Hodor. Everyone refers to Hodor as Hodor, even though his actual name is Walder.

In recognition of this character, Google have released a little Easter Egg celebrating the popularity of Hodor’s speech. Simply type or talk “Hodor” into your Google browser and you’ll get a response from the man himself. Check it out:



Are you a fan of this new Easter Egg from Google? For all you web developers out there, here’s a bonus Hodor Ipsum Generator.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

Net66: 40 Extra Creative Logos with Easter Eggs [Infographic]

Branding is often one of the most important decision a business will make when launching. Especially when it comes to the Logo. As a business, your logo is what is going to be synonymous with your business.

It’ll be the first thing that comes to your customers’ heads when they think of your company so you need to make it special. And there are a lot of companies out there with very lovely logos. What can sometimes take your logo to the next level is having a deeper meaning to it.

An extra little slice of flair could help your business launch with an extra few rocket boosters. Take a look at 40 logos that have a little something extra than what you can first see.


Which one is your favourite?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

Net66: Google Celebrates The Life and Times of Paul The Octopus

Paul The Octopus is a creature of lore when it comes to the world cup. At the 2010 World Cup, Paul the Octopus correctly predicted the result of all 7 of Germany’s World Cup Games.

Sadly Paul passed away in 2010, presumably from all the excitement. Take a look at Google’s homage to Paul below:

Paul The Octopus

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

Christmas Sales Tips for your E-Commerce Shop

boost christmas salesInto December now we find ourselves almost staring Christmas in the face. Good news for some as their E-commerce shops see a rip roaring trade in goods. But bad news for others when their industry doesn’t have many Christmas gifts.

But if you have an on line shop there’s always an opportunity to boost sales in the Christmas Period. Here are our top tips:

Add Items Together

Great! Someone’s put a pair of knitting needles in their online basket, all we need now is for them to check out right? Not right now. If they’ve bought knitting needles, they’re probably going to want wool as well. So suggest related items on all your product pages. For example if someone buys a pair of shoes off your site, suggest to them a pair of socks. Or one better, bundle them into one product and add a slight discount.

Free Shipping

Admit it, before you’ve gone to check out an item, you’ve had a quick look to see if you can find it elsewhere, but with free shipping. It can be quite a persuasive factor when shopping, especially to the impulse buyers.

Host a Contest

Contests are a great way to boost traffic to your site as they can get shared a lot between people who are interested in your services. Especially if you host this content on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter, you can get people to like, share, tweet or retweet you to boost interactions with your website and get your name out there. Even if there is only one winner, losers might want your product that much that they’ll shop at your website anyway.

Offer Gift Certificates and Cards

Let’s face it, some people are hard to buy for. I get labelled with this every year as no one ever wants to buy me a Fez. People could find your website and think “Ah this is great for my weird brother, but I don’t know which item he’d want”, if you sell gift cards or gift certificates, then the person can buy these in lieu of an actual present enabling the awkward one to spend it on your website. Even better, they might find other items on your website and purchase those as well.

Follow these tips this Christmas and enjoy a bumper holiday period.

Blog Post by Greg McVey

Net66: Infographics and Their Benefits

Everyone loves an infographic. They’re fun, usually colourful and pretty damn useful. Here are the top six benefits to having one:

> They’re so much more attention grabbing than regular images. Usually entailing a large, colourful banner at the top with a big, bold heading, users are drawn in by this.

> Attention spans. They’re getting shorter in the wake of the content marketing revolution which has, hey, HEY, LOOK AT ME!! If you looked at this straight away you can see what I mean. People need information in short, sharp bursts and that’s exactly what infographics do. As this information is usually surrounded by bright colours, this helps us remember what we’ve read too.

> They’re more viral. They get everywhere. This is as much down to the fact that they usually have an embed code in them, as it is down to the shareability of them. Would you copy and paste text to someone you know might like it? No you’d hit the share button and share the whole blog. With infographics they come with their own share button to make this so much easier for you, as well as making it easier for it to go viral.

> They can also help with brand awareness. If your logo and website match a colour scheme, an infographic can use those same colours to raise the profile of your brand on the web.

So if you’re looking to create some powerful content on your website, use an inforgraphic and see how well it goes for you.

Blog Post by Greg McVey

Net66 SEO: How to Make a Speedy Website

In SEO and in life, people are looking to go faster at every opportunity. It’s the same with websites. Look at how highly anticipated the 4G rollout was and you can understand people’s need for speed. If your website loads quicker then you’re less likely to frustrate your end user. This could keep quite a lot of traffic on your site. So see below for our tips on how to speed up your site.

Update Your Website. For example, if you’re using WordPress, new updates are constantly made to the platform and to plugins, themes etc. So if you’re still using and older version of a plugin or the framework, then not only will your website note be as quick as more recent websites, but it could also have security holes in it. Updating this will help speed up your site’s loading time as it improves on the basic framework your site had. Note: If you do decide to update anything. ALWAYS take a back up. You never know.

Limit Plugin Use. I know from experience that plugins range from the incredibly useful, to the just plain awesome category. But there is always the temptation to build and build your arsenal of plugins until your site starts to struggle. Too much of a good think don’t you know. So make sure you’re using only the plugins that are essential for your site to run. Deactivate the ones you aren’t using. But again, check with your developer before you de-activate any plugins as some might be imperative to the but might not seem it at first glance.

Optimise images. So it’s great that you’ve finally had your store/products/portfolio professionally photographed. But now you’ve received the files you’ll find that they’re nearly 5mb each. Using these images off the bat would be a bad idea. They’re large files and as such, will take a long time to load on your site. Make sure you crop/resize them before you add them to your website. Otherwise you’ll find yourself waiting and age before you get to see your shop/products/portfolio online in all its glory.

Blog Post by Greg McVey