Net66 Would Like to Thank Our Client

Net66 like to be there for our clients and strive to go above and beyond what “traditional companies” would do. We never ask for anything in return other than a continued business relationship.

That’s why it’s always nice when we receive something back from our clients. The Space Collective have been working with Net66 for years now and enjoy a great relationship with ourselves. We’ve presided over the rebuild of two of their websites and successfully optimise both of them.

As a show of thanks for all we do, Richard very kindly sent us a box of goodies. Treats included astronaut food (I bagsied the cookie and cream ice cream sandwich), genuine pieces of the Moon and Mars and some lovely jewellery.

Check out the images of our team enjoying the goodies below:



We’d like to thank Richard for sending over these gifts and look forward to living a long and prosperous business partnership.

Thanks Richard

Blog Post by: Greg McVey