Net66: Infographics and Their Benefits

Everyone loves an infographic. They’re fun, usually colourful and pretty damn useful. Here are the top six benefits to having one:

> They’re so much more attention grabbing than regular images. Usually entailing a large, colourful banner at the top with a big, bold heading, users are drawn in by this.

> Attention spans. They’re getting shorter in the wake of the content marketing revolution which has, hey, HEY, LOOK AT ME!! If you looked at this straight away you can see what I mean. People need information in short, sharp bursts and that’s exactly what infographics do. As this information is usually surrounded by bright colours, this helps us remember what we’ve read too.

> They’re more viral. They get everywhere. This is as much down to the fact that they usually have an embed code in them, as it is down to the shareability of them. Would you copy and paste text to someone you know might like it? No you’d hit the share button and share the whole blog. With infographics they come with their own share button to make this so much easier for you, as well as making it easier for it to go viral.

> They can also help with brand awareness. If your logo and website match a colour scheme, an infographic can use those same colours to raise the profile of your brand on the web.

So if you’re looking to create some powerful content on your website, use an inforgraphic and see how well it goes for you.

Blog Post by Greg McVey