Net66 SEO: The NoFollow Tag and Everything you Need to Know About it. [Infographic]

If you’re involved with SEO somehow, either as a technician or as a client, then you’ll have probably heard these two phrases get bandied about. NoFollow Lin and Follow Link. There is a difference in these links, the main one being that a follow link will allow link “juice” to flow through it. Whereas a nofollow link will not pass any juice on.

The reason that this is significant is that Google uses link juice to gauge how popular and how trusted it is. In the past it will have relied heavily on this but now, Google places much more emphasis on the quality of content and how your website can engage the user.

So, if you want to link to a website, but you don’t necessarily want to recommend it, you would use the NoFollow attribute. Below is a helpful infographic from Search Engine Land to help you know when (not) to use the nofollow attribute:



Blog Post by Greg McVey