Hats off to Google

Firstly , lets say “Hats off to Google “ They have to be one of the cleverest companies in the world. Look at what they have achieved,

Google the Search Engine is a huge , no huge does not even come close, humongeous is nearer the mark, achievement.
The statistics are astounding, billions of web pages read, inspected, indexed and sorted every month

Google Earth
They have a picture of my house, my street, my neibourhood and I can “virtually” drve up and down my street and go around town. I can visit Buckinham Palace, The Sidney Opera House, The Whitehouse, and more amazeingly if I were to put and address of almost anywhere in the world I could visit there. Millions if not billions of images all linked seamlessly together

Google Books
They are in the process of copying and putting online all the books in the world, yes ALL the books in the world. From Ancient manuscripts that may have been written when at the time the Pyramids were built, to todays bestsellers and all of the books that have ever been published

You Tube, Google Maps, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and there achievments go on and on.

So if you have got a website, and want to try and hoodwink Google into listing it above where it merits, you will have to , as my Grannie used to say, ‘Have to get up very early in the morning’

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Blog Post by Neil McVey