Net66 News: Net66 Launch Their New Website

Much more than a few design tweaks here and there, we’ve completely redesigned our whole website with lots of new features and information available.

For instance, you can now view our website History. Look at all the old Net66 faces of the past and pick your favourite. You can see how much has changed in web design from the very first blue (I know) website, to the beautiful red delight you see before you now.

There’s also plenty of information on How Google Works. We take an in depth look at the Algorithms, Links and other factors that Google looks into when deciding how to rank your website so you can see how it all works for yourself.

We’ve also updated our portfolio and just our web portfolio either. You can now see our SEO, Web Design and Ecommerce portfolios accompanied by our new Case Studies section. Take a look at our clients who have earned large contracts or developed their business exponentially with our help. Such as Winton Flooring, who got a large contract from the Olympics to lay the flooring down the “Fast Walk” event at the London 2012 Olympics.

I’ll let you finish reading now, I know you’re eager to poke around our site, but for our website at a glance take a look at the screenshots below:




Blog Post by: Greg McVey