Manchester – The Home of Innovation

Manchester – Home of Digital Enterprise

Call me biased, and you would be right, I am Manchester born and bred, and proud of it.
Ok, I have spent my life wondering when it going to stop raining, and recently cannot understand why the Manchester scallies always talk through their nasal passage( yes I said nasal , although I have heard some talk other ways)

But what a City, what a history of inventions and innovation!

The device you are reading this is on a distant offspring of the first computer to store its own programme which was built and developed at Manchester University by Alan Turing. Henry Royce made his first car luxury here, Coronation Street is made here, the Trades Union Congress was formed here mainly because Manchester was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution.
We also have some top drawer footie teams in Manchester City and United.

And now we have the BBC.
OK, most of those media types had have a general anaesthetic before they came “Up North” but some of them have woken up and realised that there is something going on up here.

Now we have a vibrant and lively digital community, springing out from the Manchester Technology Park.
Graphics, Design, Development and SEO, are all being being pushed to the limits by a whole community of boffins.

SEO in Manchester is being developed and adapted in the way that Mancunians have always done, pushing the boundaries of Search Engine Optimisation in inventive ways

There is a healthy competition between all of the SEO technicians in Manchester and that can only be a good thing as we all compete to get the best search results for our clients

Yes I am biased and I love Manchester, and yes I am biased and love my company Net66, so if you do need any SEO I wholeheartedly and unashamedly recommend you come to us in the Northern Quarter of this fair city

In the interest of fairness → Other Cities and other SEO companies are available

Neil McVey