SEO – makes the World a Safer Place

After the fury that Edward Snowden caused by telling us all something that we probably already suspected that, our Governments are looking after us and are actively looking for the bad guys out there who want to do us harm, how does SEO fit into all of this ?

Google, and other search engines, have amassed a huge amount of technology in automatically reading absolutely huge amounts of text, and then somehow making sense of it.

Your average search engine can crawl through millions of webpages, index them and selectively serve them back up to us as and when we enter a search query, all within time scale of “two shakes of a lambs tail”

I do not know what goes on at Spy Central, but I guess a liberal use of the software and technology that search engines use is borrowed and adapted to find recurring key words and phrases in communications that fly around the world.

How much of the research and development and blue sky thinking that are put into making our search life easier is diverted to make our real lives safer, is anybodies guess

This is not the place to be political, there are many other other blogs that can discuss those matters so much better than I.

So next time I am toiling away in my office Manchester trying to SEO a phrase to death, and nothing bad has happened, and the lights are on as they should be, and the world carrying on as it should, I will spare a thought for all of the technicians and machines all over the world that are working to keep us all safe.

I think it would be milking it a bit to claim that all SEOs are heros, but all of us who practice the noble art of SEO have made a contribution, however small

Ps If you are a machine in Spy Central and you are reading this “Good day to you”

Neil McVey