Net66 at 12: A Dozen Reasons to Celebrate

Net66’s progress from bedroom to city centre premises

Happy Birthday Net66
Not our birthday cake unfortunately, but the work of johndoeforty1’s from 2008 (Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved). Still, it looks gorgeous and has least one-fifth of your Five A Day on top of its icing.


In the last twelve years, the SEO world has changed dramatically.  We have seen search engines and algorithms come and go; the demise of IE6 and the rise of Google Chrome; and, most importantly, the rise of social media.  Back in 2004, social media meant MySpace and LiveJournal.  After the flurry of the DotCom Boom, the internets started to grow up (though found time for cat pictures and video clips). Meanwhile, from a spare bedroom in Heywood, Lancashire, came Net66.

It’s hard to believe how the SEO world has progressed in the last twelve years since our formation. Starting out just off the 163 bus route to Darn Hill and Bury, we at Net66 have favoured organic growth and continuous progress.  We have kept up with the latest trends in SEO, SEM and web design.  A constant feature throughout our 12 years in business is our family values.

Family values that have seen Net66 boasting a solid customer base; values where White Hat SEO forms the basis of our search engine optimisation campaigns.  One where transparency is key to customer retention as well as high quality service, innovative websites, and our bespoke approach.

Net66 has been owned by the same family since the start of business.  Starting out as a father and son partnership, Neil and Tom McVey decided to pool their commercial and technical experience and their efforts paid off.  In 2010, we moved to Portugal Street East, Manchester, giving the business a more central position and better public transport connections.

Today, in our twelfth year of business, social media plays a wider role in all our SEO campaigns.  Not only regular blog entries for in-house projects and our customers; also the use of social networking sites to spread the message far and wide.  Mobile browsing has risen in popularity over the last six years – by the end of this decade, smartphones and tablets could be our media of choice.  More so than ever, today’s websites – ours included – are designed for mobile browsing in mind.

Whilst SEO and web design trends come and go, Net66’s old school ethics and excellent customer service will stand the test of time.  Who knows where the next twelve years shall take us in internet terms?

On This Day in 2004…

A look back at the events of Tuesday, 13 January 2004, Net66’s first day of business.

  • In the News: Prime Minister Tony Blair stood his ground on changes to university tuition fees, which saw fees reach the £3,000 barrier.  Today, they are over £9,000 a year.  There was also rumours that half of the UK’s Dixons stores would close.
  • UK Number One single: All This Time, Michelle McManus.
  • U.S. Number One Single: Hey Ya!, OutKast.
  • On TV: US cosmetic surgery drama Nip/Tuck made its UK début on Sky One.  In Coronation Street, a clip ‘round Chesney’s earhole from Rita Sullivan, for nicking sweets at The Kabin, saw the lad being taken to hospital.  His mother, Cilla, on visiting Weatherfield General, saw Pound signs in her eyes and a potential claim.  It was only a graze.
  • In Football: both Manchester teams were still in the F.A. Cup.  Manchester City would beat Leicester City 3-1 in a Third Round replay before losing 4-2 to eventual holders Manchester United (1-0 winners over Aston Villa at Villa Park the previous week), in the Fifth Round.
  • At the cinema: on at the Warner Village Cinema in Pilsworth, Bury this week was The Last Samurai, and Lost in Translation.

Other Birthdays:

Sharing the same birthday as Net66 is Suggs (Madness) who is 55 today, plus actors Katy Brand (37) and Orlando Bloom (40).

Before we close, we shall leave you with this tune which was the U.S. Number One single the very week we began trading:

Net66, 13 January 2016.