Net66: Control your SmartHome from your SmartPhone Courtesy of Google [Infographic]

Google have been very busy recently buying up all sorts of different companies. But one that’s stood out recently and looks set to have a huge influence in 2014 is the company Nest, that Google bought recently for $3.2 billion dollars. $3.2 billion is not a small amount either, that’s just shy of £2 billion (£1,932,483,846) and enough to buy you 7,729,935,384 Mars bars!

Nest specialise in creating ‘Smart’ products for the home. Such as a smoke detector that can detect a rising temperature but then ‘talk’ to the thermostat to see if the heating has been turned up. You’ll also be able to turn it up and down via your smartphone after your smart doors let you know everyone has left the house.

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Blog Post by Greg McVey