Net66: Google Doodle Becomes Insight Into Your Own Mind

Have you seen Google’s Doodle today? If you have, have you seen into yourself? I ask as Google’s Doodle is an ink blot test that psychiatrists used to get into your head. The would show you a blot of ink which would look ambiguous. The way you perceived the blot would then give the psychiatrist an insight into the way you think, enabling them to get on your level and help you out. All theoretical of course. Here’s an example inkblot:

Ink blot 1

I did’t really see much in this one. Maybe two sort of pseudo elephants or something. I gave it another go:

ink blot 2

This one was much clearer though, as far as I could tell, it was some form of stag. You can see it’s two large eyes at the bottom and then its antlers at the top. Yes of course I’m joking. It’s twin dinosaurs balancing on balls.

Clearly this test wasn’t intended to be a serious test, and if you don’t believe me and can see real meaning in the above two images, please tell me what the rest are:

Ink Blot 3


Ink Blot 3


Blog Post by Greg McVey