Net66: Google Releases Annual “A Year In Search Video” Check Out These Trends

Google has taken a look at the past years search and put together a nifty little web page and video looking at all of the search trends in 2014.

One of the trends Google focused on was Sport. And what a year for sport it has been. There’s been the World Cup, the Sochi Games, La Decima and more.

In fact one of the questions that trended most in 2014 was “What is La Decima?”, which is, of course, the 10th European Cup/Uefa Champions League Cup for Real Madrid. They finally won their 10th trophy with the last one coming in the 2001/02 season over 10 years ago.

Off the topic of Sport there were the more serious trending topics such as ebola and the Malaysian Airlines plane that vanished into thin air.

Ebola caused the 5th highest spike in search traffic in October this year, despite initial reports of Ebola all the way back in March. This coincided with the virus’ first appearance in Spain and most likely had the whole of Europe searching on the topic.

The Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was also one of the most searched for topics this year after it disappeared without trace just an hour after taking off. The highest peak of searches on this topic was in April when searches for “MH370 Found” rocketed .

Check out the top 5 searches related to this topic:

> MH370 news
> MH370 found
> MH370 latest news
> MH370 update
> MH370 missing

Another one of the trending topics this year was the death of Robin Williams who claimed his own life. The accolades, support and outpouring of love from the whole of the acting world was huge. The general public as well had a huge response to the news and offered a lot of support and well wishes to Robin’s daughter, Zelda.

There were also less serious items in the news such as “Selfie Tips”, “Buy Pharrel’s hat”, “How To Teleport” and “Flappy bird cheats”.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey