Net66 News: What Does Google+ Have up its Sleeve? Google Mine?

google-Plus-iconNo not a mine as in the Chilieans or Moria. But Google Mine in the possessive sense. Google’s system blog has recently been giving out information on a service/app that could be used to display your possessions online.

I was a bit wary at first wondering why anyone would want to list their entire life on the internet as a virtual shopping list for anyone unscrupulous enough to want to relieve you of those possessions without your consent. But then I realised no one would want to do this if this is the case so I delved deeper.

It seems by adding certain tags to certain posts, much like meta tags are added to blog posts to describe authorship, will enable you to say whether the item you’ve just posted is for sale, a review or something else.

It’s like a big social soup of ebay, review sites, social media and Gumtree all in one place. You have to admit as well that most people aren’t currently active users of Google+, and that Google need to do something with Google+ to make it worthwhile keeping it going.

I know there was a big recent redesign of Google+ and yes, on face value it’s gorgeous, but it’s still failed to entice the masses. So will Google Mine be the thing to really put Google+ into the mainstream?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey