Net66 SEO: Basic Errors to Avoid with Search Engine Optimisation

We still see this on a day to day basis where companies or individuals out there are making rookie mistakes when it comes to SEO. So here are some common themes to avoid:

> Slow Page Load: You may have 100mbps fibre optic broadband, but other people out there may not be as lucky or that in to the internet to get such fast speeds. You also have to think about what’s on your website. If you have audio and video that loads up on your home page and plays straight away, not only is that annoying (opinion), but it is also a data hog. Hi Res images also fall into this category, especially now that Mobiles are coming into play a lot more. So try to trim your website up a bit. If a website doesn’t load in a couple of seconds, users are likely to leave.

> No Social Media: Not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr yada yada yada yada. But most people are on at least one of these meaning if that user has a positive experience with your site and wants to repeat it socially, you’re bang out of luck and you’ve just lost a potential client. Not only is it down to conversions, search engines also look at social indicators in their algorithms. If your website is fully geared towards the search engines, whilst it might rank okay, as Google can’t see you being prominent socially it looks like users aren’t talking about your site and aren’t recommending you on social networks. An if these are real people making no real mentions or suggestions, why should Google mention or suggest you on their search engine?

> Writing for Search Engines: Again and again and again we see this where keywords are thrown into the midst of prose haphazardly to improve “Keyword Density”. Keyword Density is dead. If you indicate what your content is about in your title, and then write about that content, job done. Google doesn’t care how many times you’ve got “Dog Groomer Wigan” in your page, it cares about how well structured that content is, how well it reads and how users respond to it.

A few tips there to help you out with your SEO. What common SEO Errors do you dislike the most?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey