Net66 SEO: Google Takes out Another Link Network

Google is no stranger to walking the walk after talking the talk. And the’ve proven this again this week by taking down a lot of websites from the link network Ghost 2.0. Somehow as well in their infinite wisdom, Google have managed to take down a lot of sites that the link network had in reserve, including those that haven’t even sent out any external links yet.

How they’ve done it, I’m not sure. Apparently neither are the link networks as they’ve sent out and email. This is a screenshot highlighting part of what the Link Network had to say:

Ghost Link Network Penalised

This isn’t the first time this has happened either, take a look at our other articles on Link Networks getting penalised:

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It also appears that Matt Cutts sent out a subtle warning to Ghost networks before he took them down. He said he was looking at Ghost related puns to use and eventually went for “they try to look super natural”, referring to the artificially generated links.

Everyone loves a pun. And I suspectre you do too.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey