Net66 SEO: Google Updates it’s Links Tool in Webmaster Tools

People have often been frustrated by the lack of link data under the “Links to my Site” option on Google Webmasters tools. There were never that many, and weren’t updated all that often.

But now it seems that in the background, Google had been planning one big update, rather than consistently updating them. And now it looks like the big one has been released.

In a Blog Post that Google recently released, they’ve announced that there will now be a “much broader, more diverse cross-section of links”. I’ve checked this out this morning and found that there are a lot more links now showing up in the links to your site section.

What this also means is that there will be a wider range of top level domains showing up, rather than your more country specific ones. So rather than the focus being on domains if your website targets England. It will now show many more domains form the outside of the UK. Such as .coms .nets etc.

However Google have still limited the amount of links that they will show, which is still 100,000. They have made it clear though, that the types of links that will show up will be much different.

Meaning that if you ever have engaged in bad linking practices, you will be able to get a better scope of your linking profile, and tidy it up quicker and more efficiently than if you were to have the previous set of results.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey