Net66 SEO: OK Google

GoogleGlassGoogle are once again making waves and this time it’s with conversational search. This new technology is called “OK Google” and is set to revolutionise the way we search. It’s coming to mobiles, desktops and even Google Glass (although the latter is called “OK Glass”). Google Glass constantly listens for the command “OK Glass” when you’re touching the device, and once it hears this phrase it then knows to run a search for you. The idea is also about having a conversation with your search engine rather than running a search, running a new search, running a slight variation of your first search etc. Here’s an example of how it’d go:

Me: Ok Google, who is #1 for SEO Manchester?

Google: Would return the search listings for the keyword “SEO Manchester”

Me: What about Web Design?

Google: Would return the search listings for “Web Design Manchester”

Me: What about London?

Google: Would return the search listings for “Web Design London”

You see the difference there? Rather than having to run three different searches for three different key phrases, OK Google remembers previous queries and alter the results according to new questions asked. Personally I think that’s brilliant. Imagine checking the price of something at an online shop, then only having to mention the other shops for the price of whatever it is you’re getting. It’s going to save so much time for people.

There are still quite a few kinks to work out though such a, with the “OK Glass” command, you have to be touching the Google Glasses you have on your head. So how that is going to pan on out desktops and mobile devices, but you can see that this is going to be big.

Will you be buying Google Glass?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey