Net66 SEO: Matt Cutts clears common SEO Misconceptions.

Matt Cutts is at it again debunking myths about SEO misconceptions that a lot of our industry believes. Check out the video below:

So there are main questions Matt is answering here with the summary of each (the video is 5 minutes long after all) below:

What does the SEO Industry not get about Updates?

Matts answer was pretty clear in that, the difference between a data refresh and an algorithm update constantly gets misinterpreted as one and the same. The explanation by Matt clearly differentiates the two. Algorithm updates change the way the algorithm thinks about the data it’s presented with. Data refreshes change update the data that the algorithm is given to deal with. Data refreshes also update the index, which is the full compilation of data that Google has on websites.

Where are SEOs spending too much time?

You could tell from Matt’s face that there are so many places that SEOs were spending time one when they could be focussing on something else. But alas, he had a time limit to observe. But what he did say is probably what a lot of SEOs spend most of their time doing, which is link building. Stating that SEOs get zoned in on link building so much that they lose the ability to see the bigger picture. He cited Craigs List as an example where the content and functionality of the site outweighed the lack of user interface. That is the bigger picture, having that something that everyone wants, not just link building on a poor site to get it to the top of Google.

So tell us, do you see the bigger picture or are you spending a lot of time on Link Building?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey