Net66 SEO: How to get the most from your Content

Everyone suffers from writers block from time to time. From the greats of J.R.R. Tolkien, Douglas Adams and Dan Brown (Who, bizarrely hangs himself upside down to relieve himself of this) to the common blogger. Here’s some help on what you can do to cure your writers block.

Read the News

I know it sounds simple, but what is the news when you think about it? It’s just people talking about what other people are doing. The content of the story writes itself from these events, what differs the News is the reporters take on it. You could go serious and write a construct a three page document on why genetically modified food is bad for the world and what you can do to stop it, citing various scientific studies in your piece to make it as accurate as possible. Or, you could write a sartirical piece blasting corporations that exploit this tactic as “God Pretenders”. If you have an opinion you can make content. Naturally of course you have to make it relevant. So if you’re a technology company, read the technology sections of a few news websites and give your opinion on a story that peaks your interest.

Read your old Blog Posts

If there’s nothing in the news, why not go back and re read a few of your older blog posts. You will have written something that, at the time, you were really passionate about. Months/years down the line your feelings may have changed towards this. You’re also getting quite a few things done at once. First and foremost you’ve found yourself a new blog post to write, secondly you can add an internal link to your old blog post boosting user engagement and finally you can put to rest that nagging feeling you’ve had about the subject and get your true feelings off your chest.

You can also find one blog post that not only creates a new post for you today, but could start a whole raft of blog posts on the subject. You can publicise this as a series or if you find yourself really getting behind a certain idea, you could publish a whole book on it as an ebook or hard copy.

Looking to other sources for inspiration has long been part of artistic culture, when looking at old posts or the news you have to make sure the content you’re publishing is different. And that difference comes from you, your opinion and your writing style. So give it a go and let me know if it helps your SEO.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey