Net66 SEO: MOZ, the new SEOmoz.

Many people were left confused yesterday when they went to boot up their SEOmoz account and were redirected from to

Departing from their orange, yellow and blue theme to a new, crisp, minimalist and simplistic design. Personally I think it’s brilliant. They’ve taken SEOmoz as far as they can, which is actually to the pinnacle of SEO knowledge and services keeping up with trends, Google updates and more which has seen them rise to where they are now. And when you reach the top and there’s no where else to go, what can you do?

Re-Brand! Yes, but what Moz have done is change their whole business image overnight. They’ve gone from a strictly SEO based company to a company that can offer a large variety of new software for a wider target audience. Constraining their business to the SEO audience doesn’t do them justice as the brilliant software developers they are.

You don’t need me to tell you this though, see what are saying themselves:

Blog Post by: Greg McVey