Whiteboard Friday: Keep Calm and #followrand


In our series review of Moz we are calling “Keep Calm and #followrand” today we are going to look at Whiteboard Friday.

In itself Whiteboard Friday is a genius of an idea in terms of marketing but profoundly simple, some guy (usually Rand but not always) stands in front of a whiteboard, on the whiteboard there is the topic of conversation for the week and the guy (or girl) will talk through the content on the Whiteboard for usally around 10 mins and it’s published every Friday, hence Whiteboard Friday. In terms of topic Moz will take an online marketing subject, any subject be it SEO, Social, Analytics or Sales Funnels.

What I’m most grateful for from Whiteboard Friday is I seldom have time to just stop and actually start a journey that ends up with learning something and think strategically about what I am doing. Unfortunately in an SEO environment the overwhelming majority of your time is spend doing SEO which leaves little time for keeping up to date which is critical in such a fast paced industry which most of you will understand.  That all makes time itself a precious resource. Unless Google have just done a mammoth algorithm update, which is actually a great name for an Algorithm Update (hint, hint!) some weeks there isn’t enough think time in the week to begin to look at ‘what’s happened on planet SEO in the last 7 days?’
However I have 10 mins in a week where I can just stop and learn something and that’s what Whiteboard Friday does for me, it always gives me something to think about, something to learn and something to make me a better SEO.

Whiteboard Friday is published pretty much every Friday or just Google “whiteboard friday” if your lazy like me :-)!

The best way to show of Whiteboard Friday is actually let you see Whiteboard Friday so here are 3 of what I think are some of the best Whiteboard Fridays that Moz has done, though that in itself is a bit of a hot potato:

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