Google Webmaster Tools Offers More Data For Impressions & Searches

Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle has been a bit stingy with data recently. Especially since they decided they weren’t going to pass keyword data through Google Analytics anymore which drew the ire of nearly every single SEO out there. What compounded this unfairness is that Google say they were doing it for Security reasons, although they have no problem sharing the data with paying Adwords users.

They are now however giving exact amounts of clicks and impressions in their Webmaster Tools. If you log into your Webmaster Tools account and navigate to Search Traffic > Search Queries, you’ll find your stats for phrases you rank for. These stats are immensely useful when looking at a sites performance as you can check your impressions, clicks, CTR (click through rate) and average position.

It was Google’s John Mueller who announced this today on the Google Webmaster Blog. Declaring that websites statistics will no longer be rounded up (or “bucketed”) in the Webmaster Tools Feature.

Have you checked your statistics today? How are they looking?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey