Net66: Snapchat For Businesses, Confide in your Colleagues

There is a new start up coming from a pair of New York City tech executives who have banded together to produce Confide, which is quickly being described as the Snapchat for businesses.

The premise of Snapchat is simple, you can send an image, video or message to one of your friends, and after a certain amount of time this image, video or message will be deleted.

The reason why this has been targeted directly at businesses seems to stem from LinkedIn. Facebook was the first truly massive social network, 7/10 adults who are internet users are also users of Facebook. As Facebook was a more informal place for people to post pictures of their every day life, including weekend escapades, there was a market for a more formal, professional Social Network. A la LinkedIn.

This new start up aims to provide a professional version of Snapchat. As this is a more formal operation, security measures have been stepped up as well. For instance, where (at first) users could screenshot Snapchat messages, Confide doesn’t allow this feature so you can be sure your messages are deleted when the message has been delivered.

They also offer a more secure way of transferring data with the messages you send never being stored on any of Confide’s servers. When they’re passing through the servers, they remain encrypted, the key to the encryption is only ever stored on the recipients phone too.

So if someone were to intercept a transmission, they would only get the encrypted version which would be incredibly hard to crack. So security seems to be a key feature of this app.

Would you use something like this?

Blog Post by Greg McVey