Matt Cutts: Myth Busts the common myths of SEO.

Last week Matt Cutts spent over 4 minutes de-bunking SEO myths that are still cropping up at conferences and on blogs.

His intro launches into two theories that go against each other by way of Adwords. He states that there’s one side of the argument that claims if you buy Google Adwords then you rank higher. Yet there’s the other side claiming that if you DO buy adverts then you’ll rank higher.

Matt wants to get these two groups together, sit them down and start a war. Not really. He does want them to argue the pros and cons of each idea and come up with one for him to debunk.

The rest of the video is spent talking about how he thinks SEO is still “faddy”. For instance last year if you had a lot of article directories you could rank. And how now this year it’s guest blogging. See what the rest of the video has to say here:

Blog Post by: Greg McVey