Net66: Google Founder Eric Schmidt Launches Gives Huge Speech on Google and Innovation

The Google Europe Blog have very kindly transcribed the whole of a speech Eric Schmidt (founder of Google) gave when in Berlin today.

Here are a few choice Quotes:

On Innovation:

When Karl Benz invented the petrol car, he didn’t just create an engine with three wheels (it really was three wheels to start with!) … he created an entire industry. It was the same with Tim Berners-Lee. He didn’t just build the world’s first website, he paved the way for the World Wide Web.

On the Progress of Google:

Maps now feel like such an integral part of search that most users probably can’t imagine Google without them. It’s the same with many of our changes. Your search just gets better and better over time. Google “Berlin weather” and you’ll no longer get ten blue links that you need to dig through. Instead, you’ll get the weather forecast for the next few days at the top result, saving you time and effort. Or Google “bratwurst” … and at the top will be images, nutrition facts, and a web page with a recipe.

There really are some great quotes so read the blog post if you’ve got some spare time.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey