Net66: Google Launches A New Google Doodle In Celebration of the Philae Satellite Probe

If you’ve ever sat in the office and managed to throw a piece of rubbish/balled up piece of paper 10 yards into the nearest bin and celebrated (we all have), then the achievement of the Rosetta Mission last night will have blown your mind.

I know it can be a difficult throw to make what with office distractions and the potential of fan heaters knocking it of course, but just listen to the shot the European Space Agency made last night.

In 2004, that’s 10 years ago now, the Rosetta mission was launched. It has since travelled 6.4 Billion kilometres, swinging round the Earth twice and round Mars once in the process, to land on an object that’s travelling at around 18 km/s. Shot!

In honour of this great achievement, Google launched an animated doodle today with a space themed font and an animation of the Philae lander too. Check it out below:


Blog Post by: Greg McVey