Net66: What if Google Was a Real Person?

Google LogoA lot of people on Twitter today are asking what if Google was a real person. This is all thanks to College Humour who produced a skit video portraying Google. It gave me pause for thought. At first I thought of the comparison we’ve already made here at Net66 that Google is like a librarian.

But then I started thinking more, I mean a whole person can’t just be summed up as a “librarian” (I think). They’d have to be more than that. For a start they would have to know pretty much everything there is to know about anything in the world. Secondly, and more importantly, they would have to spend their days dealing with queries from everyone who had one.

But it does beg the question, if Google were a person, and you had to go to them to query them personally, would your queries change?

Would you be more polite when asking? Would you be more direct? Would you be embarrassed? People use Google every day to look up their ailments, but would you be more comfortable going to your doctor for advise, or asking Google?

In the video by college humour, Google is portrayed as your typical office worker in drab clothes and lacklustre attitude. What isn’t portrayed, however, are the Adwords. For every query you had, you’d have three champagne dressed people offering you their answers, with some more on the side dressed in similar garb as Google themselves offering you their answers too.

They would also be undoubtedly, unashamedly, unabashedly stinking rich. Think about it, in recent weeks and months Google on whim bought several of the top robot building companies out there. That’s a lot of money to be throwing around. Especially when you know they’ve got a plan to turn their robotics into another successful business.

On the down side however, I’m more than willing to be there’d be a few harsh words for Google from everyone who is unhappy about Google+ and its recent integration to YouTube.

What do you think Google would be like?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey