Net66 Infographic: Why SEO is Still the Don!

Search engine optimisation, or organic inbound marketing as it is often known, is proven to be a cost effective yet chronically drawn out method of digital marketing. It is a slow burn process, and can take several months before optimisation really begins to show dividends. Improving a website’s structure, content and metrics, and improving its offsite perception requires a well planned campaign and a business’ commitment to it.

Because it can be a time consuming process to build up the organic capabilities of a website, people can often become frustrated with SEO and either give up on it or start investing in other, less effective, methods of marketing their websites and businesses.

Although Social Media has exploded in recent years and it is a very important part of SEO, it’s not as effective as SEO in generating inbound Leads. The same goes for outbound leads (cold calling) as they can often cost 80% than an inbound lead generated by SEO. Check out the full Infographic below:


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Blog Post by: Greg McVey