Net66: Instagram Launches New Hyperlapse App Lets You Create HQ Timelapses

Instagram launched a new app today. It’s the second such app they’ve released recently and along with Bolt app.

Bolt is focused on the speediness of sending images in real time. You select friends to send to, hold your finger down on the screen and when you release, it Bolts to your friends right away. You just have time to add a caption, or swipe away the picture if you’re not happy.

Hyperlapse, however, has a bit more to it. Rather than just filming something quickly and posting it like regular Instagram, Hyperlapse allows you to film a timelapse on your phone, even when you’re moving.

Timelapses usually require the camera to remain perfectly still whilst the lapse is filmed. But Instagram understand not everyone has a smartphone equipped with a tripod, so they’ve added extra stability software into their app so that you can film hyperlapses anywhere.

Instagram promise the app will be of the highest quality and “result in a cinematic look, quality and feel”.

One of the best things about it? You don’t need an account to use it. So no more pesky linking accounts or having to remember yet another password.

One of the drawbacks however is that the app is only available for The App Store and iOS devices so far. I personally cannot wait to get it for my Android, but it looks like I will have to be waiting. Hopefully not too long.

Take a look at their launch video for the app below:

Blog Post by: Greg McVey