Net66 Seach: A Different Type of Search [Social Media]

We all know and Love Google. But here are some other search engines you can use to aggregate a lot of different data from search engines.


This is a website that not only shows you search results for your entered term, but also shows you results from social media that shows up.


This website aggregates a lot of the “Buzz” from social media websites that you can then search. For example searching SEO will bring up results from Twitter tagged with #SEO. You can then switch between different social media platforms and see whats getting posted on which site.


Topsy is another website that uses social media in it’s searches. But the quirk with Topsy is that it searches only Twitter. And it searches in depth. You can see how many tweets in the last hour have been tagged with your search term and eve which tweets Twitter deems “influential”.

If you have any other favourite search engines that aren’t Google, let us know in the comments.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey