Net66 SEO: Google Now Encrypting Every Search

Google is set to make SSL searches the default for all users of their search engine. They’ve previously stated that they would only encrypt anyone who used the https:// version of the site, or users who were signed into their Google Account (YouTube, Gmail, Adwords etc).

But now in a dramatic and sudden U-Turn, they’ve completely reneged on this and encrypted every search term being entered. Now there are two main theories going round the web here:

1. Google have acted on their users concerns of data sharing with the US’ PRISM program. So to draw users back to their site they have assured us that they’ll encrypt all searches so no one with the power to do so can see what we’re searching.

2. Advertising sales are down and, as you may know, Google still passes on keywords used to advertisers. So in withhold keyword data from analytics, it could push more people onto their adwords, thus driving up revenue.

I’m more inclined to think it’s a mixture of the two. But what do you think?

Blog Post by Greg McVey