Net66 SEO: Google PageRank not Getting Update this Year

PageRank. Long was it the staple diet of the internet, instantly giving you an idea of the site’s trustability. It was easy, the higher the PageRank, the more Google trusts the site and the more you should too. The lower the PageRank usually meant that Google didn’t trust this site as much, or that it was a new site.

But now it’s different. PageRank hasn’t been updated since February and now it looks like it’s not going to be updated again this year. See Matt Cutts video below:

You can see from this video that PageRank is only updated periodically so you might not get a PageRank straight away, or for a while. But it’s a tweet that Matt Cutts responded too that gave away just how little importance Google is placing in PageRank. See the Tweet below:


That’s going to mean no PageRank update for at least 10 months. Nearly a year of no updates. That’s quite a time, so it does look as if Google is starting to look at other factors for it’s main trust in a website, and letting PageRank fall into disrepair.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey