Net66 News: Pinterest Launches Promoted Pins

Pinterest LogoPinterest has long been a big platform for businesses who specialise in visual and aesthetic practices. The reason being is that you can create your own boards that you can pin images too. There are a lot of reasons to do this and a lot of ways this can help in the marketing of your business.

Say you’re a cake maker, you can publish a pin of your latest cake and add to this image a note describing exactly how you made the cake, and the inspiration behind it. Pinterest was portrayed for a long while as being made up mostly of recipes by bloggers. And having spent time on that site, I can say that there were quite a few recipes out there.

But more and more businesses got on board with Pinterest as the audience grew on there. If you have an image of note, then you could get some major exposure. ┬áThis has now been recognised with the introduction of “Promoted Pins”. +1 for alliteration.

It works much in the same way that you’d promote a Facebook Post. You’d offer a payment and your pin will be shown in a prominent position to people with interests relevant to your industry. It seems quite popular as well with one study showing that 25% of online marketers polled said that they would be spending money on promoting pins on Pinterest.

Is your Business on Pinterest? Would you use Promoted Pins?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey