Net66 SEO: Google’s Matt Cutts – Geo-Location Redirection NOT Spam.

The reason why this has been brought up is that Google has isn’t the biggest fan of Doorway Pages or redirection pages. For example a page that ranks for hardwood flooring would, when clicked on, redirect your to a page on laminate flooring, or to a different website. All bad linking practices.

But Geo-location redirects aren’t spammy according to Google. So although Google Bot might read the US version of your website, you can still show users in different areas without worrying about Google punishing you.

The reason this is an issue is down to a black hat technique called cloaking. In which a redirect would show a Googlebot a nice content rich optimised page, and would show an actual user something completely different.

You can see the full video below:

Blog Post by: Greg McVey